Juan Acosta is an LGBTQ + Mental Health Advocate who serves on national committees, speaks at conferences and festivals, and he is a NYT Bestselling Author for a book co-authored with Lady Gaga  "Channel Kindness". He’s dedicated his life to fighting for mental health and LGBTQ+ rights.


Juan began his advocacy work locally at the age of thirteen and accumulated over 200+ community service hours by the age of fifteen. Since then Juan has done work throughout the entire state of California, nationally, & globally. 

Awards include:

Governor & First Lady Service Award

The Presidential Service Award. 

 Steinberg Institute Mental Health Champion 2021 

Published Author with global superstar Lady Gaga : 


Juan Acosta drafted a historic LGBTQ+ proclamation for the city of Woodland, CA. That passed unanimously for the first time in the town's history. A similar attempt was made in 1998 and failed to pass through the City Council

Juan served as an Inaugural Reporter for Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation, via their Channel Kindness platform. 

Juan was selected as one of the fifteen members of the Youth Innovation Project Planning Committee for California's Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission.

Juan served as one of the six members nationally selected for Mental Health America’s Collegiate Mental Health Innovation Council!

Juan has had numerous media appearances, and collaborations some include:

New York University

Couched In Color 

Minding Your Mind


The Riff


Commonwealth Club

320 Festival

Fierce Reads




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